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Get a permanent, secure solution to missing teeth.

You no longer have to feel self-conscious about your smile.

Dental bridges offer a convenient, attractive, and permanent solution to a missing or extracted tooth. In as little as two office visits, Dr. Smith can have you fitted with your permanent bridge, so your smile can also return!

Start enjoying the food you've been missing.

You'll get your chewing capability back once we have your permanent crown placed. You'll be able to enjoy all that wonderful food you've been missing out on. Dental bridges are an economical solution for missing teeth:

  • Quick fitting and placement - usually within 2 office visits
  • Unlike dentures, they are permanent and secure
  • Help keep your remaining teeth in position
  • Bridge color is matched to your tooth color so it fits right in

Do you have a sensitive or cracked tooth?

A dental crown might be what you need to help protect a cracked or compromised tooth. This is a very simple procedure that offers you a sturdy solution to a problem tooth. Crowns are beneficial in many ways:

  • Makes your tooth sturdier
  • Protects your tooth from cracking further
  • Enables you to eat foods you might have had to stop eating

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